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India’s Raw Star Audition Promo: Yo Yo Honey Singh on STAR Plus

Yo Yo Honey Singh begins his hunt for the first ever ‘India’s Raw Star’ with a ground breaking music reality show on Star Plus. If you think you are the king of raw musical talent, upload your audition video now on

Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day River Parade & Festival – 2014 (San Antonio, TX)

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Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day River Parade & Festival – 2014 (San Antonio, TX)

Tennessee Valley Authority

San Mariano National High School Street Dance 2014 Champion

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Street Dance competition held on San Antonio Abad Parish Ground Jan 15 2014, Part of the Celebration of the Town Fiesta every Jan 16 and 17, It features the main product of the town, Walis Tambo (Broom).

Little Boy Spiderman Climbs A Pole Inside Home

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8 years old kid climbing up a pole. Next time he should put on his Spiderman costume.

Simply Mind Blowing Brilliant Television Commercial From Getty

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‎[18 + Only]
Wow mind boggling work hats off !
#Must Watch#

Awesome idea. You all watched it. Twice too, didn’t you? There’s 873 images in this stop motion, and before long I’m sure it’ll have 873 million views online. Why not. Everyone is talking about it. Because eight hundred pictures of “family holding hands” and “walk on the beach” are far more exiting when made into an animation. It’s beautiful. It’s mesmerizing, and it has to be watched. Each one of the eight hundred and seventy-three images looks beautiful if you happen to randomly pause on it, and each one works so well with the next there’s never a jumpiness or awkward moment.

Also of note is the fact Getty Images has now compiled a database of more than thirty-eight million pictures, which, is frankly incredible. I doubt many of the photographers thought their snapshots would one day wind up in this lovely order, but something tells me they’re all pleased to have helped in a small way to create this masterpiece.

Video: VJ Anusha Interview – Anokhi 10th Anniversary

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Anusha Dandekar is a jack of all trades. The actress turned super successful MTV VJ is now turning pop singer with Better than your EX. She was in Toronto to launch and perform her newest single Not Tonight at the Anokhi 10th Anniversary celebration and that’s where we caught up with the multifaceted, VJ Anusha.

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The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2013

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