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February 9, 2013: Chocolate Day SMS For GF or BF

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Happy- Chocolate Day Love Quotes – 2013

  • There is nothing better than a good friend,
    Except a good friend with CHOCOLATE….
    Lattaan bhann deyaan gaa j bagair CHOCOLATE tu aya.
    Happy CHOCOLATE day 2013
  • Strength is the capacity…
    To break a Hershey bar in-to 4 pieces,
    With ur bare hands….
    & then eat just one of the pieces…
    Have Happy Chocolate 2013
  • My mouth is full of Oreo,
    Ice cream…
    & Cool Whip…
    so I just nod.
    Happy Chocolate Day 2u ..
  • “U” want to give me…
    chocolate and flowers?
    That would be great.
    I love them both….
    I just do-not want them out of guilt,
    & I do-not want them…
    If ‘U’ R not going…
    To give them to all the people,,
    who helped mother our children.
    Have Good Chocolate Day ..
    Good Morning …
  • What you see?????
    Before you !!!!
    My friend !!!!
    Is the result of a life–time of chocolate…
    Happy Chocolates Day..
  • You Know I just Love Chocolate ..
    Other things are just food.
    But chocolate’s chocolate.
    Happy Chocolate Day..
  • Mom To Son:
    There were two chocolate cakes in the larder yesterday,
    and now there’s only one Why????
    Son: I do not know.
    It must have been so dark I did not see the other one.
    Happy Chocolate Day
  • Life is like a chocolate box…??
    How ???
    Coz Each choclate is like a portion of life.
    Some are crunchy ..&.. some r nutty,,
    Some r soft .. But all r delicious
    >>Happy Chocolate Day<<<
  • Helloww!!!!
    What is wrong with your mobile?????
    I Tried so many times…
    But it says >>The subscriber your are trying,
    To reach is in your heart…
    Happy Chocolate day My Friend
  • Some Words On This Chocolate Day ..
    All of the evil,
    that people have thrust upon chocolate,
    Is really more deserved by milk chocolate,
    which is essentially contaminated,
    The closer you get to a pure chocolate,
    Liquor the purer it is,
    The more satisfying it is,
    The safer it is,
    And the healthier it is,
    Arnold Ismach,
    The Darker Side of Chocolate.
    Happpy Chocolate Day
  • I will eat anything!!!!
    As long as it is chocolate.
    There is more to life than chocolate,
    But not right now….
    Happy chocolate Day To All…
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