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Download Carry On Jatta Movie Free DVD Rip 2012

Download Carry On Jatta Movie Free DVD Rip 2012

Download Carry On Jatta Movie Free DVD Rip 2012

A great stepping stone for Punjabi Movie Industry. With Punjabi Industry will prove that we can now handle situational comedies as well and that we have something that neither Bollywood nor Hollywood has. I’m talking about one-on-one comedy talent. Read on… Carry On Jatta has the kind of one-on-one comedy which I have never seen before in any other Punjabi or Hindi Movie. The kind of wit battles they have are very unique. While in other movies you get to see one single pair performing this type of comedy (The Trip and The Odd Couple for example), CARRY ON JATTA has multiple comedy artists witting each other in multiple scenes. Here are some of the one-on-one combos in CARRY ON JATTA: Bhalla vs Ghuggi, Bhalla vs. Binnu, Bhalla Vs. Gippy, Binnu vs Ghuggi, Ghuggi vs Gippy, BN Sharma vs. Ghuggi, Ghuggi Vs. Binnu etc. The dialogues are mostly improvised and you can make out the brilliant performances of these proven comedians. This alone is a hardcore factor for anyone to watch this film. Every single one of these scenes is a masterpiece. I have never seen so much comedy talent at one single place before.

Plot wise the film is a combination of slapstick and situational comedy. The whole film revolves around situations created by the characters in an effort to lure other characters into misgiving identities. The laughter is generated because of these crazy situations and continuous doubt within characters. It has to be admitted that it’s a very tight plot and situations are tackled wisely. The whole play of “Ghoddi” and the use of it as a prop is genius.
Another plus in CARRY ON JATTA is that it has a central plot and no sub plots. The film completely focuses on telling just one story and doesn’t get involved in secondary plotlines.

There might be one objection coming from the audience, that being that the film tends to get slow at times. For example the beginning of the movie might seem slow for most part and many might object that the climax is terribly dragged. But after you have seen the movie, you can easily deduce that this happens because the comic part is very fast. When the comedy starts and situations are built, the film moves at a very fast pace and you laugh continuously for minutes at length. Due to these much paced scenes, the rest of the movie seems quite slow.
As for the beginning, the film seems slow as the film tries to set the background for all the errors and situations that are about to come. Another imparting fact is that there are 3 songs within first 20 minutes. This actually is a wise decision as later the film has so much comedy going on that a song would only break that chain of events.

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The climax of the movie is a very well crafted ploy, but it is stretched. The whole idea of such a brilliant chase is mind blowing. The whole theater was literally jumping of out their seats with laughter. I have never seen so much craziness in the theater. But it gets too long. You keep laughing and laughing and laughing and it doesn’t end. Extreme laughter for a long duration and that’s my complaint. It’s really hard to laugh that long and If it was a bit short, it would have been perfect.

Acting wise everyone is awesome. Not a single complaint there. Even the stock characters played their part well, be it the Sarpach and his son or even the Motta Naukar.

Download Carry On Jatta Movie Free DVD Rip 2012

Download Carry On Jatta Movie Free DVD Rip 2012

Gippy Grewal has acted well and you can observe him giving his 200% to his charcater. Some of his scenes are hilarious, especially his visual comedy in the scene where he goes to Khushboo Grewal thinking of her as his wife. Gippy and Ghuggi had a great chemistry as well and their scenes at the “Bhatha” are brilliant. Ghuggi Bai and his shy gestures are at full swing and some of his dialogues will make you laugh forever. However the casting of Khushboo against Ghuggi bai didn’t seem fit. They made an odd pair. I wonder how it would have turned out if they had exchanged Binnu Dhillon’s role with Gurpreet Ghuggi’s.

The most awesome performance comes from Jaswinder Bhalla and his slapstick comedy. JUST PLAIN BRILLIANT. A much deserved role and act on his part. Binnu supported him well and two of them made a great team. Binnu bai has done a major comic role here and the scene of “Ghoddi” are genius.

BN Sharma did some really good comedy, especially at the climax it was just pushing me out of my seat with laughter. He really deserves to play a bigger role now. Another sufficient act is done by Karamjot Anmol. He has a small role, but as always he wins your heart. Rana Ranbir bai has a very brief role, but his act this time is very timely and very suggestive. His play with his father’s name is very funny.

Mahi Gill did her part well, but it will come as a surprise that the film is not devoted to her solely. The film does pure justice to the comic element by concentrating on one on one comedy and makes full use of the talent of Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, BN Sharma and Karamjit Anmol.

I also want to appreciate the cinematography of the movie. Considering that the 90% of the film has been shot at single location and most of that is in interior, the camera work doesn’t bore you. Every scene has a fresh appeal and a lot of credit goes to lighting as well.

CARRY ON JATTA is a new type of comedy for Punjabi movie Industry. This type of film has never been made before in Punjab and Smeep Kang has captured it well. It’s not easy to manage a film like this but it has been done like a pro. Lots of appreciations for the director.
In the end I would say it’s a great movie and great follow up after the success of Jatt & Juliet. The film will be successful for sure and will reassure the trust of audience into Punjabi Movies. Oh what a wonderful time for Punjabi Cinema! Two awesome movies one after another and CARRY ON JATTA introduced a new sub-genre of comedy movies.

Last night was the world premiere of Gippy Grewal’s most awaited Punjabi movie starring Mahi Gill, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, B.N.Sharma, Rana Ranbir, Khushboo Grewal and Karamjit Anmol along with Gippy Grewal. The premiere was held at DT cinemas, DLF city centre at IT Park Chandigarh.

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