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Sherlyn Chopra v/s Poonam Pandey on Twitter

Sherlyn Chopra v/s Poonam Pandey on Twitter

Sherlyn Chopra v/s Poonam Pandey on Twitter

Ever since she posted pics of her Playboy shoot, Sherlyn Chopra has started trending on Twitter. The model cum actress is the first Indian to ever feature on the cover of Playboy and needless to say it has garnered a lot of attention- both good, bad and ugly. Twitterati has gone ahead with a whole range of Sherlyn Chopra jokes most of them even taking a dig at Poonam Pandey. Here are some of the hilarious ones doing the rounds on Twitter:

Laugh Riot ?@Laugh_Riot: What Poonam Pandey couldn’t do after India’s WC win, Sherlyn Chopra did even before we won any medal in Olympics!!!

Guv rav?@BwoyBlunder: Sherlyn Chopra walked into a bra

Gabbar singh ?@GabbbarSingh: Sherlyn chopra was active OFF twitter, Poonam Pandey was active ON. Compare. There is a lesson in thr for all of us. #Twitter

Sapan V?@sapanv: Dara Singh gave up on life – Nobody talks about him. Sherlyn Chopra decides to give up on clothes – Trends in India. #ItHappensOnlyInIndia

Rofl Indian?@Roflindian: Sherlyn Chopra pics: Make up on face and fake up elsewhere.

Dinesh Ghodke ?@DineshGhodke: #ItHappensOnlyInIndia: Sherlyn Chopra, PoonamPandey without clothes trend in IndianMedia &SlumChildren without clothes trend internationally

Angry Bombay Girl ?@shadymumbai: While 87 year old Hugh Hefner was holding Sherlyn Chopra’s hand..Our 40 yr old indian Chinpanzee @kamaalrkhan was busy with his right hand

Jose Covaco ?@HoeZaay: Say whatever you want, but Sherlyn Chopra went ahead and did what Poonam Pandey has been lying to us about all this time.

Avinash Iyer ?@IyerAvin: Sherlyn Chopra may soon start selling Being Hugh-man Tshirts.

Mihir.S.Bijur ?@MihirBijur: Twitter: A place where Sherlyn Chopra & Poonam Pandey keep setting benchmarks for each other.

Angry Bombay Girl ?@shadymumbai: So Sherlyn chopra Strips for “The man ” V/s Poonam Pandey ..who will strips every time someone wins a game of Cricket ,chess ,carrom or Ludo

Dhruv ?@GhantaGuy: “I’m unfollowing you.” – Sherlyn Chopra to clothes

Wills the Dopey ?@NanguPanguu: Thanks to Sherlyn Chopra, tonight many of you will become Vicky Donor for your wash basin.

Faking News ?@fakingnews: Dear Sherlyn Chopra, do you realize how much pressure you have put on Poonam Pandey?

Angry Bombay Girl ?@shadymumbai: Sherlyn Chopra is the POONAM Pandey of the Upper Middle Class.

  1. Jan Heremans
    December 30, 2012 at 5:18 am

    I’ve to use a lot more Kleenex on Sherlyn so Chopra is in for me.

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