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O Womaniya – Lyrics, Translation (Gangs Of Wasseypur)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singers: Khusboo Raaj, Rekha Jha

Once again, tried to keep the meaning/translation of the song as much as possible for me. The lyrics are same for the regular version (Womaniya Live) and remixed version of the song.

taare jo babuna, tarti babuniya
babuna ke hatthe na chadhti babuniya

When the guy helps her cross, the lady crosses (problems, whatever)
the lady doesn’t get caught by the guy..

O womaniya,
A aa womaniya..

Maange jo babuna prem nisaniya
bole jo thodi katiho kaniya..
badle rupahiya ke de na chawaniya
saiyyan ji jhapte to hona hiraniya

O woman, O woman..
When the guy (her husband) asks for token of love,
if he asks for a kiss on chin, bite his ears..
In exchange for a rupee, don’t give him twenty five paisas,
and if the husband attacks, be a doe (run away like one from lion)..

reh reh ke maange choli bataniya
jee mein lutaye, lot-lataniya
chaahe muhjhaunsa jab haath sikaniya
kandha mein dena, daant bhukaniya


if he asks for buttons of blouse repeatedly,
while thinking about love playing,
when the wretched guy wants to warm his hands,
dig your teeth into his shoulders..

bolega babuna chal jaiho patna
Patna bahane wo chaahega satna
daiho na babuna ko ticket kataniya
patna na jaana chahe jaana sivaniya


The guy would ask you to come to Patna..
In the name of Patna, he’d try to be touchy with you..
Don’t let the guy get a ticket done (for Patna),
Don’t go to Patna, even if you go to Siwan..

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