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Bhokali Meaning – Gangs of Wasseypur

I love the Hunter song from Gangs of Wasseypur, but it’s the lines ‘Hai Bahut Bhokali, Na Kabhi Ho Khaali’ that hits me the best. But then again, I was wondering how I can translate bhokali in usual words. So decided to explain it a little.

Bhokaali basically is more like a slang, and means something of huge magnitude. Something that can be in a way terrifying, not big, but huge, not necessarily in size.

The lines ‘hai bahut bhokali, na kabhi ho khali’ means ‘it’s huge, never gets emptied’, other than that ‘bahut badi’ would do for huge, it’s the larger-than-life magnitude of something that is being expressed with the word bhokali.

The word comes from Bhokaal or Bhokal, also the name of a famous comic book character.

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