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Dev Tharikewala Interview – Eh Mera Punjab – Exclusive Video

Dev Tharikewala (ਦੇਵ ਥਰੀਕੇ ਵਾਲ਼ਾ), is a noted Punjabi songwriter/lyricist as well as writer of Punjab. He is known for his hit kali, Tere Tille Ton, sung by Kuldeep Manak. While studying in Lalton village high school, his Punjabi teacher, Hari Singh Dilbar, a well known Punjabi writer and novelist, encouraged him to write some poetry named Chal Chakk Bhaine Basta School Challiye which was published in a magazine named Bal Darbar. This encouraged him a lot and he continued to writing. Later he started writing stories under the name Hardev Dilgir and till now, wrote about 35 books of stories and songs like Zaildarni Rohee Da Phull, Ikk See Kurhi etc. His friends encouraged him to write songs and as he was inspired by Inderjit Hasanpuri’s song Sadhoo Hunde Rabb Warge, Ghund Kaddh Ke Khair Na Paaiye, he written some songs for singer ‘Prem Kumar Sharma’, who was selected by HMV. The singer recorded Dev’s first songs including Bhabi Teri Dhaun De Utte Gutt Mehladi Naag Ban Kaala and few more. Dev was inspired to write Heer (lyrics) by a painting of Heer by the noted Sobha Singh. He continue songwriting under the name, Dev Tharike Wala. His lyrics/songs was sung by many singers like Karamjit Dhuri, Karnail Gill, Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Shinda, Swaran Lata, Pammi Bai, Jagmohan Kaur, Narinder Biba and many modern Punjabi singers.

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