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Story Of Gordafarid A Film By Hadi Afarideh – English Subtitle

Naghl -e- gordafarid |
The Story of Gordafarid

Designer, researcher & Director: Hadi Afarideh
Film Editor: Hamid Najafirad
Director of Photography: Ashkan Ashkani
Sound Recorder: Ali Alaie
Research Consultants; Mohammad Tahaminejad & Gordafarid
Production Manager: Azam Sadeghi Monfared
Still Photographer: Hamidreza Afarideh
Sound Editing: hamid Najafirad
Assistant Directors: Pantea Habili – Ali Nematollahi
Assistant Photographer: Navid Solati
Assistant Sound Recorder: Mohammadreza Sarmadi
Research films:Hadi Afarideh – Vahid Roozbehani
Archive Photos: Ebrahim Hessari – Zohreh Sadrinejad

Research Sources: – Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh – Play in Iran, by Bahram Beizaei -Theatre in Iran, by Behrooz Gharibpoor

Cast: Master Valiollah Torabi – Master Mohammad Maddahi – Gholamali Poorataei – Mohammadmorad Abbaspour – Fariborz Abbaspour – Ebrahim Abbaspour – Mohammad Abbaspour – Reza Emaminejad – Jamshid Emaminejad & Fatemeh Habibizad(Gordafarid)

Produced & designed by:
Hadi Afarideh & Documentary & Experimental Film Center

Format: DVcam
Running Time : (Min) 34

Synopsis : Naqqali (Musical Narration) is an Iranian traditional solo theatre in which only men are allowed to perform. As a matter of fact, it’s been forbidden for women to appear in a Naqqali performance. The place for this theatre has usually been teahouses & public squares. A Naqqali play is called a Scroll. The Scrolls are derived from ancient legends or historical stories, as well as Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), written by the greatest Iranian epic writer, Ferdowsi, who is widely classified along with Homer. This documentary recounts the story of the very first female Naqqal in Persian history, Fatemeh Habibizad, aka Gordafarid

All rights reserved for Hadi Afarideh

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