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Meek Mill – A1 Everything Lyrics – Full MP3 Song

Meek Mill – A1 Everything Feat Kendrick Lamar [05 – Dreamchasers 2 – Mixtape]

Meek Mill - A1 Everything Lyrics - Full MP3 Song

Meek Mill – A1 Everything Lyrics – Full MP3 Song

See I’M An A1 Type Of Guy..I Cruck A1 Hoes (Trill)
Rock A1 Clothes (Trill)..Drive A1 Whips (Trill)

And Still Pour A1 Sauce On My Shit
I Come From The Bottom

[Meek Mill]
Crushing All These Hoes,..
Rocking All This Ice
Selling All These O’S, Nigga, ..
I Done Did That Twice
So I’M Just Riding Round In My Rolls,..
About To Get On My Bike
Just To Touchdown In My Hood ..
And I Put That On My Life

I’M Like Yeah Nigga, I’M There Nigga,..
I Ball Hard All Year, Nigga
My Diamonds All Clear, Smack My Chain,..
You Dead Nigga..I Don’T Know ..
What You Heard, And I Don’T ..
Know What You Thought
But All My Dogs They Murk And ..
All My Dogs Go Hard

My New Young Chick Look …
Exactly Like Rihanna
Ass Like Nicki, But She Yellow Like Madonna
I Take Her To The Mall,…
Buy Her All Types Of Designers
Ysl, Fly Chanel, All That Dolce & Gabbana
I Jump Right Back Like 36, ..
Lean Hard When I Turn The Whip
If I Ain’T Have My Rap Deal, ..
Then I Still Be Serving Bricks
So I Kill A Pus*y,..
I Murder Shit, Homicide On Shorty
My Gold Rol Cost 60 Racks, ..
My Rose Gold Cost 40

I Get A1 Money, I’M An A1 Nigga
Got A A1 Swagger, I’M Getting A1 Bit*hes
I Just Bought Me A Rollie, …
You Can Skate On Nigga
If They Don’T Love It, They Hate It,..
Well Get Your Hate On Nigga
Cuz I Got A1 Everything, A1 Everything
A1 Everything, I Get A1 Everything
I Got A1 Credit, A1 Hoes
I Drive A1 Whips, ..
And I Rock A1 Clothes

[Kendrick Lamar]
Pray To God I Washed My Hand,..
But I Be Damned
2012 100 Racks To Uncle Sam
A 24 Year Old Millionaire
Don’T Read The Contract ‘Less A Mill In There
A1 Credit, Park My Car Bowlegged
I Got A Bus Full Of Bit*hes, ..
I Call It Jerome Bettis

I Grab My Dick In The Picture, …
Your Hoe Be Cropping The Image
I Let You Scrape Off The Dishes, ..
We Eating Nigga, I’Ll Finish It
Then Come Right Back, Hope You Insomniac
Sleep On Me If You Wanna Take A Dirt Nap
Bitch I’M Talking Ca-Ca-Ca…
-Ca-Ca Then More Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca
Hit Your Roof Until I Pop Your Top Up
Then More Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca, ..
Til I Know I Gotcha

Ballin’ Like I’M Baldin’, ..
Then I See Jordan In The Mirror
Nigga That’S Flawless Vvs, ..
Cc Text Me What You Wearing
Puttin’ My All Inside Your Bit*h, ..
I Grip Her Hips Thats Power Steering
About To Hydroplane When ..
I Board That Plane And Land Inside The Building

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