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Punjabi Poetry Website – Facebook Status

Punjabi SMS | Punjabi Facebook Status | 2 Lines Punjabi Poetry

Punjabi SMS | Punjabi Facebook Status | 2 Lines Punjabi Poetry

Punjabi culture is very famous in whole world.When we think about our Punjabi culture, lots of thinking come in our mind just like – Punjabi Music, Punjabi Singers, Punjabi Songs, Old Punjabi Homes, Old Punjabi Singers, Punjabi Bhangra etc.But here is a one more thing that is simply unforgettable is the Punjabi Poetry. The new generation is completely depends on internet.We are addicted of Facebook in these days. We can see millions Punjabi’s are using Facebook and other social networking websites.They are searching for Punjabi Facebook Status In Google, Yahoo, MSN or other search engines.

Punjabi poetry, in its nascent form, emerged under patronage of Shah Sharaf, Ali Haider, Shah Hussain and Bulleh Shah, as Sufi poetry. Over the time, it has undergone several developments and what we read today is the modern poetry. We found the great Punjabi Poetry website for you.In this website you can find a huge collection of Punjabi language status.The owner of this website is Gagan Masoun. He is from Rampura Phul, Distt.(Bathinda). 

The special thing in this Punjabi Poetry website is that you will find matching picture with every status.You can download image from website and share on Facebook with photo.This will great combination for your FB status update.

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If you’ll take a keen look at this website, you will find huge collection of Punjabi Poetry.There are 700 above Punjabi Status available on Punjabi Poetry Website.Website regular update by Gagan Masoun.

Punjabi Poetry Official Website

Punjabi Poetry blog is dedicated to Punjabi SMS.You can get Punjabi,Sad,Love,Funny,Facebook Poetry etc.



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